Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We were super excited to go to Utah for spring break. We quickly learned that the General YW Conference would be the first Saturday we would be there so of course we had to go! Afterall, Kenzie just turned 12. Lucky us, Grandma Fay was able to get us tickets. Thanks Grandma! You're awesome! We went with grandma and Aunt Jodi. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

Monday was our first ski day. It was epic! 16" fell the night before. There is nothing better than skiing in fresh Utah powder. We had an awesome day! Grandpa and Uncle Spencer came too!

We had the pleasure of skiing with grandpa. We had a blast! Grandpa still has all the moves on the slopes. We hope we are still active and skiing when we are grandparents. Dad, you rock!

This was another day on the slopes with aunts and uncles who all live in the area. Another great day!

We were able to ski 2 days as a family, but Brian and Blake snuck in another day to make it 3 for the both of them. They just couldn't help themselves.

Fun day at Boondocks with the Epperson's

We were so excited to be able to spend the day with the Epperson's. We really miss them. It was great to let the kids hang out and play all day. We can't wait to see them all again!

Look at all those cute kids!

Grandma told us all to bring our swimsuits because of an awesome pool in Kamas not too far away from there house. Wow, did the kids ever have fun! They even asked to go back a second day.

And look at my hunk of a husband. He safely drove us to Utah for a great spring break and back home to the great Northwest. He's so awesome! We definitely needed a week to recuperate after all the fun. We even got to see lots of family from Canada that week who were in town visiting. It's always fun to see them. I wasn't smart enough to pull my camera out to capture our time with them. We did enjoy visiting with them and hope to see more of them all soon.


Jodi said...

OK I'm confused about who wrote this post. At first I was sure it was Jen. But when I got to the last paragraph where it refers to Brian as a "hunk of a husband" I was sure Brian wrote that! Please clarify.

The Lowe Girl said...

I love that your family all skis!!! That's something that we hope to introduce to our family this next year when our youngest is a bit older--I can hardly wait for us all to have awesome pictures and days in the snow covered mountains like your family out there!!!

Nikki said...

That is great timing for you guys. I am glad you guys had so much fun. I can not believe how old these little I mean big girls are getting. CRAZY! I love your black and white skirt! Love it!

Katana said...

I can't wait till you guys come down

Julie said...

Ok, I only check my blog once in a blue moon and even I want you to do it already!!! Miss you guys!!! Can't wait for you all to brighten up my house again!!